P4P Fitness Academy

p4p-logoPremier Fight Club will soon be a part of Pound 4 Pound Fitness Academy, a full fitness facility that will be completely unique in a perfectly centralized location in Beaver County.  We will  offer sports specific training for all local school sports teams and travel sports teams at a discount and will off indoor training for teams who will need a place to practice through the winter months.  There are 4 rooms right now at Premier Fight Club which 1 is completely  dedicated to the Fight club but will also be used for the Power Fitness classes we adopted from Tom Beagle, strength training, and other cardio classes.  Room 2 will be used as a weight room, Yoga or Zumba, and full/half court basketball depending on availablility and will also be used as a banquet room.  Room 3 will be dedicated to MMA, wrestling and a locker room that will include a cage, mats, bags, and bathroom. Room 4 will be Exclusively dedicated to indoor softball/baseball which will include pitching machines, nets, and tees.  Then there will be a deck and fence added to the connecting roof where the outdoor training (yoga, zumba, golf, and any other training we can do).  P4P Fitness will offer the following training/activities but will not be limited to:



*Outdoor/Indoor Yoga and Zumba

*MMA Training

*Wrestling Training

*Burlesque Dance Fitness                                                                                                                                                                                   

*Sports Specific training

*Softball/Baseball Facility

*Indoor Basketball

*Power Fitness  ….. and much more……